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A Salesforce Data Loader and Data Management Solution that keeps your CRM data accurate, up-to-date and complete

Fuel your CRM with Canada’s #1 source of B2B data

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  • Match & Append Instantly: Appends dozens of fields of high-value company data to your existing accounts and updates it automatically.
  • New Leads On-Demand: Allows users to quickly identify and import high-potential leads and contacts into your CRM.
  • Instant Look-up: Manually match any new account you create with accurate, complete business information that is updated automatically on an ongoing basis.
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Focus CRM Management

Your CRM and Salesforce Database Management: A Love Story for the Ages

The way your Salesforce integration seamlessly flows into your existing CRM it’s almost as if they were made for each other. What’s more exciting is that we have taken the exceptional data loader of Salesforce and improved it even further with new apps for Salesforce.

By installing Scott’s Directories apps, you are able to automatically add the valuable information included in Scott’s premium data to your CRM. This eliminates the need for tirelessly going through hundreds or even thousands of contacts every month and manually updating them.

Simply sit back and watch the incredibly handy Salesforce data loader keep every one of your contacts up-to-date on an ongoing basis.

It’s not just about updating your current contacts, it’s also important to be able to identify new, potentially valuable prospects. With our complex algorithms, and easy to use functionality, you are able to search our entire premium database – either by company or contact to find exactly what you are looking for. When you locate the records that you are interested in, all it takes is one click to transfer the information into your CRM and reap the rewards of up-to-date business contacts.

There’s no longer a need to fear software updates either, as our apps provide you with the ability to get the benefits of improved software updates without the risk of data corruption. With the Salesforce data migration tools, you are able to effortlessly bring all of your existing information into the updated system without fearing any negative effects on your contacts.

See how the current information would look in the new software without committing to a full transfer, find comfort in the built-in backup system, and easily educate staff in the new platform, all from within the exceptional Salesforce system.

Stop wasting valuable time cleaning, researching, and updating leads in Salesforce. Let Canada’s #1 source of B2B sales intelligence do the work. With Scott’s Directories new app for Salesforce, you can fill in missing fields for contacts, as well as identify and import high-value prospects in one click!

Scott’s Directories has been Canada’s leading provider of Canadian B2B Information for over 60 years.