Using Sales Intelligence in Salesforce to improve sales team efficiency

  • Automatically update and enhance your existing account data
  • Allows you to quickly segment your data using broad selection of fields
  • Import new leads in one click

Salesforce is, to some extent, a sales intelligence platform right out of the box, as it allows you to segment, assign, classify and manage your data manually. However, like any CRM, it is dependent on the data you enter or import into it. If your data is poor or incomplete, then your CRM is not going to function optimally and your ROI on your CRM investment is going to suffer. Salesforce is a powerful tool—but on its own it will not automatically turn bad data into good data.

To make Salesforce function as an automated sales intelligence tool, you need complete, accurate profile data for your accounts and update it on an ongoing basis.

Scot's Directories

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Effective sales intelligence tools such as Salesforce allow you to receive updated information about a particular Account, Contact or Lead within your CRM instance automatically. But the CRM will not generate the updated information—it will merely store it and allow you to access it, or use it in accordance with your current needs. You still need an information source.

Scott’s Directories for Salesforce is sales intelligence software that automatically matches your current accounts and contacts with Scott’s premium data and then appends and updates that information on an ongoing basis, providing you with the sales intelligence you need to properly segment your customers and prospects, and strategize within your target market.

By having your data updated automatically, it also gives you the ability to set triggers within your profiles that notify you of changes in the client’s data that may, in turn, signal a change in the level of opportunity the client represents.

Here’s how it works

Simply install the Scott’s Directories app in your Salesforce instance and it will automatically add Scott’s premium data to your existing Accounts and Contacts, and keep them up-to-date on an ongoing basis.

Unmatched or incomplete records can be matched manually with a single click—just pick from the list of possible matches to add Scott’s premium data to your Account or Contact profiles instantly.

Users can also identify new high-value prospects in the Scott’s database right in Salesforce using a variety of easy-to-use search filters and tools. You can search by company or by contact – and once you identify the records you want, you can import them directly into your Salesforce instance either as Accounts, Contacts or Leads.

All licensed Users have unlimited access to the Scott’s database, so you don’t have to worry about managing credit limits or overages for your team. And only unmatched records are imported to avoid duplication or unnecessary storage costs.

Importing Leads in SalesForce

You can add Users for as little as a dollar a day and you can customize your data set in advance so that you only purchase the data you really need.

For over 60 years, Scott’s Directories has served as the trusted source of Canadian business data for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, thousands of small and medium sized businesses and some of the country’s largest learning institutions and public libraries.

Now it’s available in Salesforce too!

Spend less time trying to manage and enrich your data and more time selling. Call us today to find out how Scott’s Directories for Salesforce can automatically enrich your CRM data and give your sales reps the sales intelligence they need to succeed.